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    As a professional Air tools products manufacturing and exporting, JieJing Pneumatic Tools Co.,Ltd mainly deals in Air die grinders, Air angle grinders, Micro Air Grinder etc as per customers' requests. Our Manufacturer is accredited with ISO9001 International Quality Assurance System.

    Our products are widely exported to many countries including America, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. We had been gaining a good reputation from our customers while they were using our products.

    As we know, Knowledge is widely available nowadays, manufacturing is easier and there are no secrets any more. However the hardest and most important task is MARKETING. Let's overcome this task together and open to the world with us. Please contact us for more details.

    We have also been developing new items yearly to enlarge our business scope and satisfy old customers and draw more attention to potential clients as well. Most important of all, we are one of the most complete, most competent and most knowledgeable suppliers of air tools, accessories and elements in China.

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Inquiries by phone, fax or email is welcome, while email inquiry is more preferred, and answers will be made within 24 hours for most occasion

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JieJing Pneumatic Tools Co.,Ltd Tel : (86)592 8238993 Fax: (86)592 5880308
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