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Air Die Grinder DG084

Air Die Grinder DG084

Extract Name: Air Die Grinder DG084

Abbr. Name: Pneumatic Tools

Extract Category: Air Micro Die Grinder

Extract Class: Air Tools

Product ID: DG084

Air Die Grinder DG084 Detail:

Max Free speed: 65000 rpm

Collet Size: 2.38mm, 1/8" or 3mm

Lenthg: 140mm

Weight: 0.25kg

Air Inlet: 1/4" NPT

Air Hose size: 5mm

Air Consumptionl: 7.06c.f.m.

Air Pressure: 90psi

Micro Air Grinder Function

- For Precision grinding and polishing.
- For Surface grinding and polishing.
- General metal grinding use.
- Grinding & polishing use.
- Disk type mirror face posishing finishing use.
- Cutting use.

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