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Air Die Grinder DG077

Air Die Grinder DG077

Extract Name: Air Die Grinder DG077

Abbr. Name: Pneumatic Tools

Extract Category: Air Micro Die Grinder

Extract Class: Air Tools

Product ID: DG077

Air Die Grinder DG077 Detail:


Max R.P.M: 52000

Work Rarge: 45000-50000

Noise Level: 72dB(A)



1. The delicate, tightstroke-mechanism by means our patented direct power trans-mission.

2. Outstanding working efficien-cy achieved by the high-torque air turbo mechanism.

3. Multiple high-tech tools available on option accord-ing to application

4. Heatless, highly efficient drive.

5. Fine control of the polishing R.P.M by means of air regulation.

6. The easy-to-identity polishing stroke variation colors.

7. The ergonomic soft grip with a good sense of holding.

8. Light and well-balanced design enough for operation by one hand as a brainchild of pursuance to easy handling.

9. Ideal as a precision machining tool for various industries, such as metal mold making, dental crafting and noble metal processing.

Micro Air Grinder Function

- For Precision grinding and polishing.
- For Surface grinding and polishing.
- General metal grinding use.
- Grinding & polishing use.
- Disk type mirror face posishing finishing use.
- Cutting use.

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